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Log4J Vulnerability – A security flaw that put entire Internet at risk

Hear a decade started where we are now keep facing challenges to impacting all human kind either by natural disasters, diseases or man made issues.

As covid is breaking complete world from past 2 years, in between people about to face one more new challenge which is quite breaking complete IT industry which is the only thing which is quite stable at the time of world lockdown as well.
Recently tech giants of world are focusing on the top cybersecurity thread raised from the open source software log4j. The major companies involve to fix this thread is Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and Cisco.

Companies keep sharing their matches to the customer to upgrade their softwares to minimize the attack of log4j threat. A Dutch researcher, Cas van Cooten, said he discovered the bug on Apple Inc.’s servers, potentially giving him a way of running code within Apple’s network. Mr. van Cooten said he immediately reported the issue to Apple. “It would have been trivial for a malicious hacker to weaponize this,” he said. An Apple spokesman didn’t respond to messages seeking comment.

“Our teams are looking into it, but we have no details to share at this time,” a Twitter spokeswoman said via email Friday. A LinkedIn spokeswoman said via text message that “while we’re responding to this, just as security teams at many companies are, we’re not experiencing any active issue.”

History of Internet breakdown

It isn’t the first time the open-source software has sparked security worries. In 2014, internet users world-wide were urged to reset their passwords after another issue—known as Heartbleed—was discovered in OpenSSL, an obscure yet similarly ubiquitous piece of internet software built by volunteers.

Log4j is used on servers to keep records of users’ activities so they can be reviewed later on by security or software development teams.

As per Mr Goers told Because Log4j is distributed free, it is unclear how many servers are affected by the bug but the logging software has been downloaded millions of times.

Problem & thoughts around the world

Because all sorts of data is logged by servers—everything from email addresses to web navigation requests—these attempts could give attackers a foothold on a vulnerable server deep in corporate networks, said Ryan McGeehan, an independent security consultant who was formerly a director of security at Facebook. “A successful attack is like creating a wormhole,” he said. “The attacker can’t be sure where they’ll end up.”

Word of the vulnerability first came to light on sites catering to users of Minecraft, the best-selling game of all time. The sites warned that hackers could execute malicious code on servers or clients running the Java version of Minecraft by manipulating log messages, including from things typed in chat messages. The picture became more dire still as Log4j was identified as the source of the vulnerability, and exploit code was discovered posted online. “The Minecraft side seems like a perfect storm, but I suspect we are going to see affected applications and devices continue to be identified for a long time,” HD Moore, founder and CTO of network discovery platform Rumble, said. “This is a big deal for environments tied to older Java runtimes: Web front ends for various network appliances, older application environments using legacy APIs, and Minecraft servers, due to their dependency on older versions for mod compatibility.”

Why Log4j error is important to address?

Log4j is a library that is used by many Java applications. It’s one of the most pervasive Java libraries to date. Most Java applications log data, and there’s nothing that makes this easier than Log4j.
The challenge here is finding Log4j because of the way Java packaging works. It’s possible you have Log4j hiding somewhere in your application and don’t even know it.

The problem revolves around a bug in the Log4j library that can allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on a system that is using Log4j to write out log messages. This security vulnerability has a broad impact and is something anyone with an application containing Log4j needs to immediately pay attention to.

The only thing we can do right now is to spread as much as awareness, Update the latest patches by parent company for bugs, fixes in your system related to log4j and log4shell and keep tracking your system for minor to minor unwanted issue raised in your system.

If you have more information about this threat then kindly contact and share with me to spread widely in the community.

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