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Future Becoming Reality | Fb Project Aria

So, Here is the future which we are predicting from last 6-7 years that we can see everything by not asking corners or searching on mobile by keep putting our heads down, instead we can see everything and anything by just simply thinking about that and it will be in front of us.
Facebook recently announced about its Project Aria and the time people see about their project, everyone getting crazy. Especially developers, as a new tech portfolio is going to be added in their profile 😉
Facebook announced about the project and show how the project Aria works, how it can reduce their miscellaneous efforts and increase their productivity, helping researchers to meet their target, even entrepreneurs can also take help of this by adding AR in their ongoing product as they can easily understand how soon it will come in market and give hard competition to their competitors.
Facebook has also announced that the device is not for sale right now, It will be used only for research work only and the data of this stored in completely different storage devices and access is only given to the limited people who are working on them and deep diving more into this.

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