How to compare web hosting companies and services?

Web hosting companies and services can be very helpful in increasing the reach of a brand. These services help businesses in making their own standing in digital space. That’s why finding a good web hosting company is crucial when you begin your digital journey. However, now the issue comes with how you are going to compare the web hosting companies to find the best among them. That’s why we share a few essential factors to compare the web hosting companies and services.

The factors to compare the web hosting companies
These factors will help you understand the companies’ weak and strong points.

The uptime provides the response time. No one likes long loading times. Your users will eventually leave the site even before it will load fully if the uptime is too long. Similarly, Google also starts giving lower preference to such websites. That’s why the result ranking in the SERP also decreases. So make sure to choose a web hosting company with good uptime value.

Organic monthly traffic

Some website hosting company give their service with a monthly traffic limit. This means your website can only go to a limit for organic traffic. This can be detrimental for your brand and business if your SEO performs well. You may miss the chance of getting more leads and higher customer potential. That’s why they choose the services which have no restriction on their organic monthly traffic.

Available storage

The storage capacity provided by the web hosting services also varies. Depending upon the type of your business and your digital requirements, it can also vary. That’s why explore and research all the available options for you.

Data security

Choosing a website hosting company in terms of data security is not an easy decision. You provide them with your internal details, which have significant importance for your business operations. The slightest breach in these details and stored data can cause severe issues. That’s why to confirm the options and services offered by the businesses like redundancy systems, backups, etc.

Payment methods

The payment method and customer support are crucial for any website hosting company. You can end up with an issue onsite and offsite anytime. That’s why their customer support system should also be strong. Along with it, the payment methods of the web hosting companies should be easy and feasible. This should align with your goals to provide you with proper resource optimization.

Top two web hosting companies

Big Rock and Hostinger are the two web hosting companies that offer very competitive services. Here is a comparison of both the companies;


  • Plans and pricing
  • Add-on features
  • Customer support
  • Security
  • Space

Big Rock

  • Rigid plans with less flexibility
  • Less
  • Faster response
  • Encrypted DDos protection
  • Less


  • Highly flexible plans with great cost choices
  • More
  • Slower response
  • Constant monitoring
  • More


Big rock and Hostinger are both big names in the industry with competitive pricing as well as services. However, the most useful platform can be determined only by the individual business requirements. Hostinger can be a better choice if your business requires more space. However, for security purposes, Big Rock is a much better choice.

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